The 2018 vintage in Bordeaux is characterized by a very particular climate during the year. The first part of the season was difficult for wine growers in the region because of a wet and mild spring, followed by frequent rain – and sometimes, even hail - until early summer. This increased the risk of damage and the development of mildew, which presented itself as particularly virulent this year.
This unpredictable weather, which initially slowed down the development of the vine, then gave way to much dryer and hotter weather for the rest of the summer. This weather continued unexpectedly until the end of October, allowing the grapes to acquire an exceptional level of maturity.
This surprise end-of-season climate has allowed us to harvest perfectly healthy red grapes with thick skins that are rich in aromatics, in colour and in ripeness. This in turn gave us grapes with high quality tannins. As early as at the end of the initial vinification process, we saw that this 2018 vintage has the potential to join the greatest success stories of Bordeaux vintages 
The tastings so far of the wines confirm our thoughts. The Merlot wines are rich in scent, deep and dense, while maintaining freshness despite a high alcoholic content. The Cabernet varietal wines are lively, robust but smooth, with the aromatic brilliance of the greatest vintages.
We feel that 2018 is certain to be a great year.

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