The Beginning

We visited Château Puynard in the depths of winter this year with an open mind, but not truly expecting to be bowled over, if I am totally honest. But we were. All of us. It struck us as an exceptional place – both the land and it’s vines – as well as and certainly not least, the house itself. A functioning family home and business combined, not something easily found, we immediately felt at ease and at home on that cold brisk day. A place where both our families could congregate and spend time together. Even better, for them to join us for harvest and the picking of the grapes. We were sold.

We scoured the house and it’s many hidden corners and we walked the fields, examining each parcel with curiosity and ignorant intrigue! The vineyard largely comprises of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and currently produces a fine Bordeaux red as well as a well balanced 2015 Rose. The climate and soil would allow us to make a potentially great white wine too, and in time this is something we would like to explore.

After walking the land around the house, we admired the magnificent Oak tree at the front of the house – once hit by lightening but still standing tall and proud – and walked the perimeter of the fields to understand the lie of the land. Best of all, the house and it’s grounds are in a small but bustling village called Berson. There’s even a Boulangerie at the end of the old pass from the house…..what more could we ask for?

Since that day, there have been many trips over and back to discuss the intricacies, make decisions and tie up loose ends and this week we gratefully received the keys from charming Nicolas and Aurelie who are moving onto new beginnings. Certainly, this is a whole new adventure for us too. There will be intense moments ahead, with a significant amount of learning to be done……but very often, we believe, the tougher the task, the more fruitful and sweet the reward.

We were led to Château Puynard through various discussions as a family in the search of something that could bring us all together. A project to ignite excitement equally in the oldest and youngest generations of both sides of our extended families. Please, come and join us in our adventure, and watch things unfold!