Some News

This is a brief post to share some great news. We have been featured in two articles of late. Firstly, Charlie Wells of The Wall Street Journal kindly highlighted us in a mid-October issue, along side Chateau Fonplegade of St. Emilion. This article focuses on the intricacies involved post-acquisition of a vineyard and therefor the inheritance of the team that work there. We have been very fortunate to inherit a wonderful husband and wife team, William and Laetitia, and this transition has been made possible because of their pride in their work there over the past several years. The photography was taken by the lovely Julien Fernandez when he visited us for a full day in Berson. The sun didn’t shine as much as it did every other day, but he did a great job all the same!

Secondly, we have been featured in the Wild Geese section of The Irish Times today which we are especially proud of! Written by the lovely Ruth O’Connor at The Times we are delighted to have been given this opportunity after so many years living away from ‘Home’. We don’t have a PDF as yet but here is the link for the time being!