What’s happening

As with all vineyards, this year has begun with the cutting back and pruning of the vines, all around the vineyard – another labour intensive process that demands serious time and effort. The entire vineyard is complete now and ready in preparation for spring to dawn, which at this stage is imminent.

Massive reconstruction has taken place on some of the earth banks within the vineyard which we are very excited about. This has been undertaken in order to protect the vines below, and above, so that the water and rain will not push the earth from the top of the bank onto of the vines below. It has been an issue over the years and has been maintained but this job intends to keep the bank in place, so that the maintenance will no longer be an issue nor will the lack of drainage, which came as a consequence.

At the beginning of February, our new 2016 Rose Cremant was picked up and headed off to St Emilion, to be bottled and laid down for the next 8 months in the Caves there. The Cremant is to be produced using the Champenoise Method (Méthode Traditionnelle) which is the same method used within the Champagne region. We touched on this process in a previous blog post, when we last went to visit the Caves themselves, which was a really interesting trip. While the vines bud and produce this seasons grapes, and while harvest begins, likely at some stage in September, all this time the Cremant will be going through it’s transformative journey. We can be confident, at the very least, that we will be able to toast the end of the 2017 harvest with a glass of our very own Rose sparkling!