It’s been a while

It’s been far too long since my last post, infact almost a year!! Unsurprisingly, many things have happened in that year, not least that shortly after my last post we welcomed baby Agnes into the family! So, it’s been a busy year in many ways. We have traveled over and back during the year – Andrew more so – keeping everything on track both in Berson and London. After much discussion, we decided to make the move to Berson a permanent one. It was not an easy decision, what with moving children from a school in which they were very content, to one where they don’t fully understand the language among other things. They’ve been in the local school here for almost two weeks and we couldn’t be prouder of them. There’s almost no fuss now in the mornings, which we think it’s pretty admirable, in such a short time.

Other things of note that have happened during this time would be Andrews whistle stop trip to Hong Kong and Macau for a wine buyer and wine show that was held there. It was an eye opener to see how wine is being embraced in a culture so different to ours and to see how the wine business operates over there.

Chateau Puynard ‘The Steps’ was also given a commendation by ‘Le Guide Hachette Des Vins’ which we are delighted by and is a really great start to our wine making journey here. Not bad for one of our first blends so we will definitely accept it with gratitude!

A friend has sourced some vines cuttings for us from Kent – very close to where we lived – and just this week told me that they’re ready She is very kindly sending them to us to plant here. The vine is called Wrotham Pinot and there’s a link here to a very intriguing history We’ve no idea if they will like it here in Berson but we are excited wait and see.

Most recently, we had the hand-picking harvest for our Rosé last Saturday with all and sundry involved, including the kids who loved it. It went really well and the juice tastes good already so surely that’s something! With a few people off on sick leave Andrew has had to assemble all the harvest machinery by himself for the first time – with a little help here and there – and managed to figure it out. A pretty admirable feat in my eyes – I was baffled but he pieced it together bit by bit and harvest, so far, has gone very smoothly. We begin the main harvest on the 20th of September, with family coming from Ireland to help, and even a cousin coming to cook – can’t wait!

Lastly, we’ve also been working on this nice new website which we hope you like. We hope that it’s a bit easier to use and navigate than the old site.

We will update very soon once harvest has come and gone – with some photos too…..