Lots has been happening

Well, certainly a LOT has happened over the past few months since the last post. We spent a huge part of last year working to purchase another winery in Cars, not far from us here in Berson. We finally got the keys at the end of January and it’s been full throttle ever since! The vineyard is called Château Magdeleine Bouhou and there’s a lovely house on the grounds which we are converting into a beautiful gîte.

A few days ago – about 10 days after getting the keys – we were woken by the Gendarme in our garden at 1.30am to tell us there was a fire at the new property!! All in all we were extremely lucky and it was kept very contained. We lost the old (unfurnished) kitchen and a downstairs loo. Somebody who was on the way home from a night shift at Blaye hospital spotted it and called it in. If they hadn’t, I am certain the whole place would have burnt down – winery and all. We were so lucky the work was an an early stage and, moreover, that nobody was sleeping there. We are currently working on getting that cleared up, getting a roof back on (before more rain comes) and we are very grateful for this long awaited dry spell we are having to help speed up the works. I’ve attached an image from yesterday where it’s all hands on deck sanding and repainting the shutters while the weather is good.

We are continuing to prune back all the vines now at both vineyards in preparation for bud break and the weather is already very mild, with 20 degrees forecast for this Saturday!

Work is also being undertaken to create a small distillery adjacent to the winery but that is a slower work in progress. I will update when there’s something to tell but I can post some pictures of the space under-construction here also. We plan on calling it Two Origins Distillery as it will be an Irish and French collaboration.

Lastly, we have been working with architects to get a plan together for ‘Le Petit Puy’ gîte as Bâtiments France requested more detailed drawings than those we supplied ourselves. Those drawings will be submitted in the coming days, which is exciting. We are asking to install some panoramic windows to take advantage of the views – which maybe a spanner in the works – but let’s hope not!